LRT Construction LTD


LRT Construction LTD is a privately owned, family operated company, offering retrofits, renovations, truck and tool rentals, lodging accommodations, and more. Carl's Woodworking and LRT Construction combined have been in Igloolik for a total of 29 years. We carry electrical, plumbing and lumber supplies and offer construction equipment rentals as well as tool rentals.

Our facility includes a home and indoor woodworking shop, which are a combined 5,000 square feet. The woodworking shop is approximately 1,200 square feet and offers a convenient place to work on projects during the cold winter months. Our living space includes three washrooms, four bedrooms, a rumpus room, a living room, an office overlooking the town with windows all around, a kitchen and plenty of storage rooms.

Additionally, our facility includes a two car garage (not heated) and two detached storage buildings, one for electrical storage and the other for miscellaneous storage which could be easily converted into a small house or store. The property has
a 70X74 foot warehouse on the premises that is great for storing large machinery and equipment and includes two bays for construction materials.

Although we love Igloolik and have made it our home, we are accepting offers to purchase our business properties. However, if we do not sell, we do plan to expand since opportunities out here are as many as you want to make and take on!

Notwithstanding a couple of colder winter months, the rest of the year the weather is perfect for outdoor work, not too hot and not too cold.  The air is clean and fresh  

It is an understatement to say that the Arctic is resplendent with beauty. If you’re going to Igloolik, please look us up! We are located in front of the big Inukshuk on the hill.

Your Hosts

Lee and Richard Turbide
LRT Construction LTD

If you are interested in purchasing LRT Construction’s business facilities a
nd would like to make an offer or take a tour, contact us. We look forward to working with you!