LRT Construction LTD


LRT offers two types of lodging in Igloolik:

    •  We offer $250 per night for a spacious private room with either a queen  double bed or Twin memory foam bed. Each room in the near future will have  satellite receiver for Television. We have our own high speed wireless satellite dish so bring your laptops.  There are three shared washrooms. Guests are free to make themselves breakfast around their work schedules, and we eat lunch (12 Noon) and supper (6:00 pm) we do not charge for food but we don't want to see you go hungry either so you are welcome to join us if you like my cooking. For those, who come here for work, this accommodation option ensures that guests will not have to worry about making they're own food. There is also a restaurant in town to dine at if they preferr . Our guests enjoy a clean, safe and friendly environment for their stay. Laundry facilities are also available.
    • Full house or private rooms: We also offer a $200 per night private room that does not include internet but it does have cable TV located in two separate living rooms. This rental option is located in a four bedroom house with two washrooms and a fully equipped kitchen and cable TV. Unless, the guest rents all four rooms, the common areas of the house may be shared with other guests. If a company would like to rent the entire house for its employees there will be a charge of $800 per night. Laundry facilities are also available.

Contact us today for your lodging accommodation in Igloolik. You can ask to speak with either Lee or Richard and we would be happy to help you out. We accept Interac, Visa, Mastercard or a Cheque.